Happy Chinese New Year 2020-Year of the Metal Rat

The Year of Metal Rat 2020 January 25, 2020-February 11, 2021 According to the Chinese Astrological Horoscope and Feng Shui, the year 2020 is the year of the Metal Rat. The personality of this sign reflects the mood and specific energy of this year. Financial: It is a year of renewed ambitions and strategies, where one turns their back with no regrets. An atmosphere of financial opportunity dominates the year 2020. However, […]

January 24th, 2020|

Acupuncture Is More Popular Than Ever—Here Are 4 Proven Benefits to Know About

Written by Claudia Fisher for Real Simple

Acupuncturist Los Angeles Lucy Postolov applying needles to a patient

More people than ever swear by acupuncture for everything from alleviating chronic pain to tempering stress. Here’s what the pros have to say about this alternative remedy’s most common benefits.

Even if you’re scared of needles, the thought of acupuncture has probably crossed your mind […]

August 23rd, 2019|

Dr. Sanjay Gupta: Why I Changed My Mind on Weed

Dr. Sanjay Gupta

Dr. Sanjay Gupta and is an American neurosurgeon and news reporter who wasn’t always in favor of cannabis . In 2013 he wrote:” We have been terribly and systematically misled for nearly 70 years in the United States. He created a 3 part documentary series #weed, presenting compelling evidence that #marijuana has real #medical value. Gupta’s stance is […]

August 21st, 2019|

Dr. Jasmin Hurd and her stance on CBD

Dr. Yasmin Hurd

Yasmin Hurd is a professor of Neuroscience, Psychiatry, and Pharmacology and Systems Therapeutics at the Icahn School of Medicine at Mount Sinai in New York City, was interviewed by New York Times. “The #brain is about a #symphony and #cbd brings the entire symphony into #harmony “ #healing #neuroscience #mountsinaihospital #mountsina #askdrsuzanne #cannapyhealth #womenempowerment #womensupportwomen #newyorktimes #lucypostolovacupuncture

August 21st, 2019|

Acupuncture And Herbs Alleviate Diabetic Neuropathy

Courtesy of Health CMI-August 5, 2019

Acupuncture and herbs are effective for the treatment of diabetic peripheral neuropathy. Gansu Hospital of Traditional Chinese Medicine (endocrinology department) researchers conducted a controlled clinical trial comparing drug therapy with acupuncture and herbs. Patients receiving both acupuncture and herbal medicine had a total effective rate of 96.67%. Patients receiving Chinese herbal medicine monotherapy had a 73.33% total effective rate. Drug therapy patients had a 53.33% total effective […]

August 12th, 2019|

How acupuncture could help with your seasonal allergies

Wonderful article by Kelsey Roy:

Spring is here, and for many that means seasonal allergies are too.

There are many ways to handle itchy eyes, runny nose or uncontrollable sneezing of allergies, both natural or with medication.

According to the National Center […]

May 13th, 2019|