Acupuncture and BioMat Technology Goes Hand in Hand.

Although the Amethyst Richway BioMat pads and the technology used to create them are relatively new, the principles on which they are based are hundreds of years old. At the Los Angeles office of Ms. Lucy Postolov, two treatment rooms are dedicated to the use of BioMat technology and the benefits they provide to her patients. Negative ion effects, far infrared rays and amethyst channels are used to produce the BioMat technology. The healing properties that are created when these three components are used in conjunction with one another stimulate the rejuvenation and healing of damaged cells and tissue. It also provides heat that penetrates deeply into tissues that is extremely soothing and calming.

BioMat technology is extremely effective for a variety of reasons. Not only is amethyst known for its healing qualities, but far infrared technology has been used for several years to penetrate deep into tissues to produce a healing response at the cellular level. Scientists at NASA performed the research needed to prove the effectiveness of the BioMat technology. Their Nobel Prize winning efforts have become very well known and are being used in various capacities in both alternative and Western medicine.

Acupuncture and BioMat technology goes hand in hand. The principles of acupuncture, removing blockages and restoring the flow of Qi throughout the body, are intensified and enhanced by the healing properties of the Biomat. The needles used in acupuncture are inserted into points along various meridians that correspond with specific sections or organs within the body. The ability of the Biomat to send healing energy deep within the tissues of the body enhances the effectiveness of acupuncture and begins the rejuvenation process at the cellular level. This speeds healing and strengthens tissues.

BioMat technology has proven effective when it comes to temporarily relieving the pain associated with lower back injuries, muscle and joint pain, muscle and joint stiffness, muscle spasms, arthritis pain and sprains or strains. Using the BioMat during an acupuncture treatment session increases circulation to areas where it is applied and reduces inflammation, fatigue and stress in the process. Giving the tissues the added boost during an acupuncture treatment hastens the healing process and supplies the patient with much needed energy and as well as offers am improved mental outlook.

Ms. Postolov uses both Biomat technology and acupuncture to their fullest potential. She believes that the body will function more efficiently and heal much faster when it is given the tools to do so. By using both techniques together, she can offer her patients an extra boost that other treatment plans may not. With her many years of experience in acupuncture, Ms. Postolov has learned to appreciate the body’s ability to heal itself when given the appropriate support.

With today’s increasingly hectic lifestyle, stress and anxiety play a large role in how well a person copes with illness. In fact, it can actually speed up the body’s deterioration if the condition is left untreated. Acupuncture alone has proven to be extremely effective when it comes to relaxation and the relief of stress and other mental conditions. Acupuncture used in conjunction with the BioMat adds deep penetrating heat and the healing properties of far infrared technology to rejuvenate cells that have been damaged and encourage better circulation. Improving circulation to areas where cell damage exists provides extra oxygen and much needed nutrients. The added nutrition the tissues receive from the extra blood flow strengthens the area and supports the healing process.

With BioMat technology, acupuncture practitioners like Ms. Postolov can offer their patients more treatment options that are natural, safe and extremely effective. It offers her the ability to provide holistic treatment on many levels. Her Los Angeles patients not only receive the highest quality physical care possible, but she also helps to address the stress, frustration and confusion that often accompanies a chronic illness. Her ability to offer support for emotional issues ensures her patients also receive adequate help when it comes to improving their mood and feelings of well-being.