Weight Loss with Acupuncture & Chinese Herbs

Dr. Lucy Postolov is a well respected physician who specializes in acupuncture and other alternative therapies to help her clients with a variety of other conditions including weight loss. In her many years as an acupuncturist, she has received several board certifications and is the first acupuncturist with privileges at Cedar-Sinai Medical Center. Throughout Southern California, Lucy has gained the reputation of being one of the most well respected alternative healthcare practitioners. She uses her talent to assist her clients in losing weight and regaining their health. Her goal has always been to provide her clients with the best possible options when it comes to alternative healthcare.

Acupuncture and Weight Loss

Acupuncture is a centuries old healing technique that originated in China. Hair-thin needles are inserted into the skin along specific meridians. Each meridian corresponds to different areas of the body. Qi or the body’s life energy, flows along these meridians when the body is in balance. When a person gains an excessive amount of weight, the Qi becomes sluggish and can eventually become blocked as it moves along those pathways. Acupuncture can help remove the blockages and re-establish its natural flow.

The use of acupuncture gradually brings the flow of Qi back to a normal, free flowing movement. Patients who are overweight often have other health issues that can affect how and if, they lose weight. By addressing each health issue while the person is slowly making the necessary changes that are needed to adequately lose weight, a more optimum and true state of good health is achieved.

Acupuncture can be effectively used for weight loss by controlling a person’s appetite and removing blocks that hamper the body’s metabolism. This offers extra energy and gives processes within the body the ability to function more efficiently. Acupuncture is best used in conjunction with other weight loss techniques. Proper diet and sufficient exercise are also needed to ensure the body remains in balance. While acupuncture can cause weight loss through the suspension of a person’s appetite, to be truly healthy all issues must be addressed. Exercise helps to improve both circulation and mobility, while proper diet provides the body with the nutritional support it needs.

Losing Weight with Chinese Herbs

Chinese herbs offer nutritional support to the body. Individuals who are overweight often find themselves eating poorly and lacking in proper nutrition. If a person truly wants to lose weight, they must re-evaluate their diet and find ways they can make improvements. Chinese herbs offer a variety of nutrients that may be difficult to find in sufficient amounts in the diet. These herbs offer nutritional support to the digestive system, help to maintain regularity and improve metabolic processes.

Dr. Lucy Postolov evaluates each of her patients on an individual basis to uncover health issues that may hinder their attempts to lose weight. Once a thorough examination has been performed, Lucy will formulate a supplement using Chinese herbs that will provide her patient with exactly what they need to move forward with their weight loss goals. Each supplement is created on an individual basis and will need to be adjusted as the patient’s needs begin to change.

Chinese herbs also support the use of acupuncture when it comes to weight loss. Each herb corresponds to an element, much like the meridians within the body. Understanding how these elements work within the body allows Lucy to create formulas that increase the level of Qi as well as improve its ability to flow freely. Using Chinese herbs in conjunction with other oriental healing methods provides an all around beneficial health plan that not only encourages good health, but helps to maintain it once it has been achieved.