Acupuncture has been proven to be effective in the relief of chronic pain.

Chronic pain can be debilitating and stem from many different causes. Individuals who deal with lower back injuries, fibromyalgia, arthritis, degenerative bone disease and various types of neuropathy are often plagued with chronic pain that varies according to their level of activity or temperature changes. Many conventional treatments for chronic pain only address the symptoms, leaving the root of the problem to continue causing pain. Acupuncture can help solve many of the underlying conditions that cause chronic pain.

As a highly trained and well known acupuncturist, Dr. Lucy Postolov can use acupuncture to help her patients find the cause of their chronic pain. Once the origin of the pain is known, she can then use acupuncture or other traditional Chinese healing techniques to help correct the problem. By addressing the root of the problem, the chronic pain will gradually subside as the area begins to heal. An injury or illness that has been in place for several years will take longer to heal than one that is relatively new.

While acupuncture is an effective treatment on its own, healing can be enhanced if other treatment plans are used along with it. Nutritional counseling and Chinese herbs can add nutrients the patient may be lacking in their daily diet. Creating herbal formulas and adding specific foods to the diet may provide the body the nutrients it needs to regain its strength as the healing process moves forward. As healing continues, the dosages may need to be adjusted according to the body’s new level of health.

Dr. Postolov understands that to properly treat chronic pain, you must first discover what is causing it. Conventional treatment methods only address the symptoms, providing temporary relief and making the patient as comfortable as possible. Over time the condition can worsen leading to a variety of other problems. With Ms. Postolov’s extensive training, she is able to evaluate the patient and determine what part of the body is out of balance. Using acupuncture, she can restore the natural flow of Qi energy and re-establish balance and well being. As the flow of energy begins to move more naturally, the body becomes stronger and the patient’s mood improves and a sense of well being returns.

Acupuncture has been proven to be effective in the relief of chronic pain. Several studies have been performed in which acupuncture has been used in conjunction with other treatment forms to provide effective long lasting relief for chronic pain. Chronic pain is extremely useful in situations where the pain persists while the original cause is being treated. As the original cause is eliminated, the symptoms associated with it will slowly begin to dissipate. In some cases, healing the original cause may bring other issues to light. Ms. Postolov continually monitors her patient’s progress to determine if other health conditions become apparent. If they do, each one is addressed in accordance with how it affects balance throughout the body.

Cancer, arthritis, traumatic injuries, spinal cord injuries, neuropathy and fibromyalgia are all capable of causing chronic pain. Dr. Postolov is more than willing to work hand in hand with a patient’s primary care physician to create a treatment plan that does more than just make them comfortable. Her goal is to uncover the root of the problem and do everything within her power to elicit a healing response that benefits the person as a whole. Using acupuncture in conjunction with other treatment options, allows the patient to feel more in control of their own body. Patients who look to acupuncture for relief of their chronic pain often feel more relaxed and have a positive outlook when it comes to the rest of their treatment plan.