Acupuncture Treatment for Substance Abuse

Lucy Postolov L.Ac. Over time, toxins and contaminants build up within the body either through exposure to them through the elements of their creation as a result of physiological processes that occur within the body. Individuals who are exposed to environmental toxins or who take an abundance of medications can have an unhealthy amount of chemical residue within their body. The same holds true for people who are overweight. Fat cells within the body can absorb toxins and by-products that are produced by chemical reactions within the tissues. Detoxification can help remove toxins and contaminants from the body by flushing them from the system. Acupuncture, Chinese herbs, cupping and other traditional Chinese healing therapies can help the body release the toxins making it easier for them to be removed.

Types of Detoxification

Detoxification can occur in a variety of ways. The two most common ways for toxins to be flushed from the system are through the urinary tract and by sweating. Acupuncture acts as a diuretic, while infrared light therapy and cupping can raise the temperature of the body causing it to sweat away impurities. Depending on what benefit the patient wants to achieve, Ms. Postolov has different healing techniques at her disposal to help the patient detoxify their body and clear their mind.

Weight Loss

People who carry extra weight also carry an excessive amount of toxins and contaminants in the body. Fat cells readily absorb many toxins. As people begin their weight loss journey, they automatically begin to detoxify. By altering the diet and beginning to exercise on a regular basis, the patient will begin to notice many changes within the body. Not only will the excess pounds begin to drop away, they will begin to be able to breathe more efficiently and be able to sustain various levels of activity for longer periods of time.

Dr. Postolov has helped many of her patients reach their weight loss goals by developing a treatment program that is designed specifically for their own, personal needs. She uses acupuncture and blends of Chinese herbs to help them detoxify their body and begin to restore balance. Detoxifying the body helps to remove heavy metals, food additives that end up clogging the digestive tract and lactic acid that is created by muscles during exercise.

As time passes and the patient’s level of fitness begins to improve, the treatment plan will be adapted to help accommodate their improved level of fitness. With nutritional counseling, she can help them adapt their diet to include healthier foods that will help them keep the weight off. Along with eating the right foods, she can supplement the patient’s diet with Chinese herbs that will continue the detoxification process while at the same time supplying the extra nutrients the body needs to remain in balance.


For individuals who struggle with addiction, acupuncture can alter how the nervous system reacts to certain toxins. This can reduce the severity of cravings and help a person break the intense hold that many drugs can gain over the body. Ms. Postolov is aware that many types of addiction can cause severe reactions when a person is trying to detoxify their system. She has successfully used acupuncture to help her patients work their way through drug therapy programs. By using acupuncture during the recovery process, she can help her patients eliminate chemical residue that is held within the body. It also helps the patient to relax, relieving the anxiety and mental stress that is often associated with addiction. Acupuncture has the unique ability to calm the nerves and restore a sense of balance in both the physical body and the mind. Over time, this makes it easier for the patient to control the compulsion to use the drugs or alcohol that has held them prisoner for so long.

Dr. Postolov’s detoxification programs in Los Angeles, CA are created on an individual basis. Each person’s physical health is evaluated and their treatment program is designed to meet their personal needs. She will work with each person on a one on one basis to make sure they have everything they need to reach their goals of health and wellness.